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So here we go again. I would like to share with you another personal story, which I think is just a critical and important as my conversion story. The story is about how I came about serving a full-time  mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day saints.

 As you read the story focus on a few things that I am going to try and highlight. 1) The power of prayer 2) The importance/power of love 3) The importance/power of example 4) The importance of invitations 5)All young men need there missions.........

To start I will insert one of those fancy dancy hyper link things to take you to a page to learn more about Mormon missionaries in case you have questions.

Right after my miraculous return to church I felt lots and lots of pressure to serve a mission. The more people pushed the more I pushed back. Finally one day after our Sunday meetings, the hero from my conversion story, Tyler Searle asked me "Mark, are you going to serve a mission?" I told him no and proceeded to list all the reason why a mission wasn't right for me such as; family, football, schooling, timing, etc..... And guess what he had the nerve to look at me and simply say "Thats alright, I love you anyways."........ WHAT NERVE, and that's were it all began :)

Instantly I started to wonder what made Tyler so darn great and why he was determined to serve a mission. After pondering about it for several weeks, I came to the conclusion that I needed to follow the biblical scripture in James 1:5 and ask God what he wanted me to do. I began to pray.....

 Keep in mind that the whole time this is going on I am right in my senior football session. Having the best session of my career and am getting closer and closer to my dreams of collegiate football. So as more time passes and as my football session goes two things happened 1) On the outside it looked like I was getting closer and closer to playing college football. 2) On the inside I am getting further and further from football and closer and closer to a mission.

Here is the event that swayed it all. One day I was sitting in a room with my high school football coach and my high school AG teacher. I asked coach Kidd if he had served, he said no, and I talked to him a little about it. I asked Mr. Miller if he did, he said yes, and I asked him a few questions. Needless to say he encouraged me to serve, told me it was hard but an experience that he needed. And in that moment I KNEW that I needed to serve.....

 So there I was football session over, recruitment happening, signing day coming.... and I was going on a mission. I didn't tell a soul about my decision and then signing day passed and I didn't declare to any college. Several people wondering why, my simple answer was "I just haven't decided where to play yet." Tyler was the first person I told about my decision and he gave me the strength and encouragement to tell everyone else, starting with my family and then later all my friends. The several months leading up to turning my papers in where a little tough. Luckily I had a lot of support from friends and particularly from a nice young lady that gave me lots of motivation to go. Yet another person who played such a pivotal role in my life.

And now poof here I am serving am mission in Phoenix Arizona for the last 21 months of my life. A much better and more Christ-like person. The impact my mission had on my life and future rival the impact that my conversion had. Thats right I just said that MY MISSION WAS NEARLY AS IMPORTANT AS MY CONVERSION!!!

So to point out the moral of this story, lets go back to our points I asked you to keep in mind from the begging.....
1) Prayer is how I received my answer and how I found the power to be able to stick with such a hard decision and preserve throughout my mission . Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is SOOO important and the best way to foster that relationship is by speaking with him morning, nite, and as a family.

2) Tyler's love is what was able to penetrate my hardened heart and help me open it to the idea of serving. I have come to learn that love is the best and most powerful motivating tool this world has. "Love conquers all"

3) My AG teachers example of being a righteous priesthood holder is what helped me make that important decision. Your example is more powerful than any word. "People will rarely remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel."

4) No one is every going to do anything unless you invite them to. Invite people to come to activities, make changes is there life, to read things, to develop a relationship with God. If you invite have faith that God will do the rest and I promise that the Spirit will do the work.

5) You really do need your missions. It is such a blessing for you to be able to come out here. Its hard, its tiring, and yes its a long time...... but its not a sacrifice. For every ounce you put in God give back 100 fold, I promise and testify of that. If you are considering whether or not to go..... pray and ask God and don't stop praying until you get an answer!

Please see in it the true miracle of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. See the power and impact you can have on other peoples lives through your example and the love you show to them. Take Elder Maynes advice from General Conference and apply the principles shared here. Reading this may bring a nice spiritual experience for you but don't stop there. Go out and invite someone to do SOMETHING related to the church. Improve yourself and become a better example. Most of all don't be afraid to share your witness that JESUS IS THE LIVING CHRIST!!!!! I KNOW THAT'S TRUE! and I know that the world needs to hear it :)

Love Elder Mark T. Knobbe

P.S. Stay tuned and next time I am going to share a key learning from General Conference about receiving
answers from God......

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