Sunday, October 20, 2013

Answer To Prayers

So this story is a little less personable but I think that is has some great moral. It is one of the revelations I received by watching this last General Conference. It was so powerful to come to this simple realization about prayer and how we receive answers, so lets walk through this.

Prayer is the direct communication between us and God. Revelation is the way that God speaks back to us, generally we receive revelation through feelings, thoughts, and ideas we receive.

Prayer is available because we have a God that loves and cares for each one of us a individuals. He has given us a commandment to pray to Him morning and evening, because he wants to hear from us. There is a pretty simple formula for receiving an answer to pray. All we have to do is ask our Heavenly Father through prayer and then have faith that He will answer. Faith is more than just believing He will hear and answer our prayer. Faith is ACTION, its acting on what you believe. To often we forget that is takes our action to have our prayers answered.

So with that being said think about this; God has the MOST VALUABLE gift available to mankind. He has the TRUTH, and is willing to give it to anyone that seeks it. Of course that gift is priceless but for this lessons sake lets say that is is worth 1 million dollars. God has told us, I will give you this million dollars and here are the tasks/actions you need to perform to receive it. There aren't very hard tasks, there pretty simple and easy to get done. Whats amazing is God asks SO LITTLE from us, to receive such a PHENOMENAL gift.

Lets switch to a real life situation..... Lets say you are going to hire someone to perform a simple task for you, such as mowing your lawn, and you are going to pay him a million dollars to do it. That is a lot of money, your going to make sure that he performs the task necessary to receive that money. You are probably not going to give him a million dollars and then walk away HOPING that he mows your lawn. NOPE your going to sit right there until your lawn in mown, THEN pay him his wages.

The same applies to GOD. The world tries to teach us to hold God to a different standard than we would ever hold ourselves. We would never pay someone and then trust/hope they do there part, SO neither should God. We need to do our part and then wait to receive our priceless payment of truth.

The world says......

God says.....

Prayers are answered every single day, but only after we follow the simple pattern God has given us to receive answers........

If you pray for a job, go look for one and God will answer your prayer. Don't pray and expect one to show up on your doorstep.

If you want to know if the Book of Mormon is the word of God, READ IT and then pray, don't pray and expect God to answer and tell him then you will read it

If you want to pass a test, STUDY and then pray, don'
t just go to the test expecting God to fix your problem


I hope you all see the point that I am trying to get at. I know God wants to help and bless us. It is just a matter of doing the work, and then receiving the reward. Pray is a gift from God to be able to communicate with a loving Heavenly Father.

Take this and apply it to your life. Search after the truths that you want to know and allow God to guide you. Teach others the power and importance of prayer. Prayer truly is a LIFELINE!

Stay tuned for the next post and I will share a personal story about the principle I just taught!

Love Elder Mark T. Knobbe

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